Kids Invent! provides training to Master Partners and teachers engaged in the
delivery of our curricula. Training. Our training includes both curricula and how
to manage the program for full effectiveness in the classroom


We provide three days of training at the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at California State University, Fresno. As a Master Partner, the Lyles Center currently delivers Kids Invent! creative activities to over 10,000 kids each week. As a Master Partner you and your staff will have the opportunity to learn the techniques for providing support to schools and teachers in the delivery of the Kids Invent! program. This includes visitations to classrooms, distribution center, and opportunities to gather perspectives of the program from teachers. We also provide training in our unique method for teaching Kids Invent! as you will experience the program as a student. We also display the Creative Activities portal so you can assist teachers in its use and have a complete understanding of its content. The training is designed to give you the knowledge and insights into the Kids Invent! program so you are equipped to properly communicate the program to school administrators and teachers in your area.


Ideal for a group of teachers preparing to deliver Kids Invent! to their classroom. It is also designed for large numbers of teachers when Kids Invent! is adopted by a school district. The training is a fast-paced two days of working with teachers as they prepare to deliver Kids Invent! to their students. Teachers learn dozens of hands-on activities they can apply immediately and they learn the innovation approach to teaching and learning.